Oct 30, 2018

57) Four old Citroens on a Sunday trip (30/Sep/2018)

A DS, a 2CV and two GSes on a Sunday trip in Idrijsko region in Slovenia.
Idrijsko is a remote area, very hilly and forested.
We got together in Vrhnika, and then drove towards Idrija.
The first stop was Divje jezero (Wild lake), which is actually a sunken siphon shaft.
The depth of siphon is unknown - the divers have reached the depth of 160 meters.
Next, we stopped at Zgornja Idrijca, which is a popular swimming spot in the summer.
After Zgornja Idrijca, we had a look at "Idrijski lauf" - a narrow forest railroad, used by loggers to transport wood from the vast forests in the past.
Our next stop was a WW2 resistance print shop, hidden in a steep ravine, and never discovered by the Nazis.
Then we had a traditional lunch near Vojsko (not shown in the video), and went to see the Gačnik ravine.
Finally, we stopped by an old bridge held together purely by gravity - no mortar was used to bind the stones together.
A fun day out in beautiful weather.

Jun 5, 2018

56) Citroen CX Prestige on a tour in my home town (27/May/2018)

I realised I never shot any video of my Citroen CX Prestige.
Also, I have never done any video of my home town.
So I decided to bring the two together, and this is the result.
A short cruise in and around my home town, Slovenske Konjice, in beautiful Slovenia.

Mar 26, 2018

55) Citroen GS - another road trip to Nordkapp (June & July 2017)

That was another fantastic road trip with our red Citroen GS.
We drove 9,817 km in one month, and visited twelve countries: Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
The Nordic countries never disappoint.
I made the following three videos.

1) Finland

2) Arctic Norway

3) Sweden

Sep 3, 2017

54) Citroen GS retro road & boat trip (21/May/2017)

A friend on the coast invited us to his house in Novigrad (Croatia) to have a barbecue, and then we went on a boat trip.
The video begins near Vrhnika (Slovenia), and shows a nice drive to Croatia with two GSes.
Once in Novigrad, we had a barbecue, then got the boat ready and went on a short boating trip.
A fabulous way to spend a nice spring day.

Sep 1, 2017

53) Citromobile 2017 (06/May/2017)

This is yet another video which shows the fabulous Citromobile event at Expo Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands.
Lots of great cars, old and new, and we met some nice people from the Dutch GS/GSA club.
I cannot wait to drive to the Netherlands again in May 2018, to visit the next Citromobile.

Apr 12, 2017

52) Two Citroen GSes and a Douglas DC-3 Dakota (18/Sep/2016)

This was a day trip in the White Carniola (Bela Krajina) region, which is located in the southeastern corner of Slovenia.
A river named Kolpa forms a natural border between Slovenia and Croatia.
We stopped by the river a few times, to enjoy the scenery and stretch our legs.
The trip ended near village Otok (near Metlika), by a fabulous Douglas DC-3 Dakota.
In the second part of World War II, the area around Metlika was a part of liberated territory.
This is where the resistance airfield was located, which allowed for the transport of weapons and other supplies from the British and American allies to Slovenian partisans.
The airfield was also used to transport the seriously wounded partisans to hospitals in Italy.

Mar 31, 2017

51) Road trip in the UK with our Citroen C-Crosser (Aug/2016)

In August 2016, we drove to the UK and spent our summer holidays there.
We spent most of our time in Scotland, but also visited some nice places in England and Wales.

Part one shows the following:

- Ferry journey from Dunkerque to Dover
- London
- Hay-on-Wye
- Lake District

Part two takes us to the following places in Scotland:

- Glasgow
- Glen Coe
- Glenfinnan viaduct and monument
- The Lost Valley above Glen Coe
- Stalker Castle
- Journey to the Isle of Skye
- Eilenan Donan Castle
- The Isle of Skye (Glen brittle, The Fairy Pools, Old Man of Storr, the Cuilins)

And part three, which shows the following:

- Ullapool
- The north coast of Scotland
- Dunnet Head
- John O'groats
- Falls of Shin - salmon run
- Loch Ness & Inverness
- Edinburgh during The Fringe Festival
- Ferry journey from Dover to Dunkerque

Mar 10, 2017

50) Hydroraid 2016

On 09/Jul/2016, I drove to the beautiful part of Slovenia named Prlekija again.
Another Hydroraid event took place, not to be missed.
We gathered at the usual place, on a farm in Bodislavci village.
Our next stop was Stara Gora, where we ate local food and drank local wine, and had a look at a museum and a windmill.
Next, we drove to Ljutomer which is the largest town in the area.
This was a place to kick tires and talk cars.
After Ljutomer, I left and drove home, while the programme continued on the Bodislavci farm.

Oct 21, 2016

49) Citromobile 2016

In May 2016, I visited another Citromobile with my brother.
The video begins with some scenes of driving through Austria and Germany, followed by the scenes from the actual Citromobile event.
It was another great day in good weather - we saw a whole lot of wonderful cars, and bought some parts for a good price.
My red GS 1.3 performed really well again, and I can't wait to visit another Citromobile.

Aug 23, 2015

48) Citroen GS & GSA IG Sommertreffen 2015

Citroen GS & GSA IG is a club for GS & GSA enthusiasts, run by Gabi & Günter.
They have a very informative Website:


Among other interesting things, they organise annual gathering of GS & GSA enthusiasts, GS & GSA IG Sommertreffen.
So we drove from Slovenia to Rötgesbüttel, Germany (between Gifhorn and Braunschweig), a little over 1000 km, to attend the GS & GSA IG Sommertreffen 2015.
It was a special meeting, as it was 25th anniversary of GS & GSA IG club, and also 45th anniversary of Citroen GS.
A number of pictures from the meeting can be found here:


And here's the video.