Oct 14, 2013

40) Inner Carniola with two Citroen GSes (08/Sep/2013)

Vladimir, an enthusiastic owner of a nice Citroen GS, had an idea of another trip with GSes.
The idea was to spend a day driving around Inner Carniola (Notranjska) region in Slovenia.
The video starts at my brother's place, showing some GSes parked there.
Then we met up with other participants at a restaurant in Unec.
From Unec, we continued to Rakov Škocjan, and did some hiking.
Then we visited the intermittent lake in Cerknica.
Lake is usually mostly gone in September, so we could see the dry lake-bed.
Then we drove on gravel road up to Slivnica.
The video ends at Snežnik castle.

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